Monday, November 19, 2007

Vegan Raised Donuts and Crullers

This is a slightly different take on vegan donuts (I have a bit of a sweet tooth, eh?). This dough is raised, so these are a bit more like the crullers or glazed donuts you might get at a pastry shop nowadays.

1/2 cup lukewarm soy milk
1/4 cup cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1 packages of yeast (plus 1/4 cup lukewarm water and 1 teaspoon sugar)
Egg replacer for 1 egg
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
3 to 3.5 cups flour

Stir together the soy milk, sugar, and salt.

Prepare the yeast, adding the packet to lukewarm water (100 to 110 degrees F) with some sugar to get the yeast all bubbled up and excited. Once you're sure the yeast is alive and well, stir it into the above mixture until all the yeast is dissolved.

Add in the egg replacer and vegetable shortening.

Add in the flour slowly, a half cup or so at a time so your mixer doesnt kick a ton of flour up into the air and make a mess.

After the flour is all mixed in, remove the dough from your mixer and knead it. Place it into a greased bowl in a warm spot and cover with a warm, damp (clean) kitchen towel. Allow it to rise until it has doubled in size (about an hour to an hour and a half). Punch the dough down and turn completely over in the bowl. Let rise again until almost double (30 to 45 minutes this time), then remove from the bowl and roll out to about 1/3" thick.

You can now either cut the donuts with a donut cutter as in the recipe below or you can make crullers.

To make crullers, roll the dough into tubes, twist, and then shape into donut shapes. With a pair of scissors, make snips ever 1/2 inch or so to get a spiky shape going.

After you've shaped your donuts, allow them to rise on your counter or a board until theyre light and have a slight crust on the dough (about 30 minutes).

While they're rising, fill deep sauce pot with several inches of canola or other vegetable oil (enough for a doughnut to drop to the bottom then rise to the top) or get your deep fryer going. Once the oil has reached 370 to 380 degrees, drop a few donuts in at a time and fry until both sides are golden brown (you will have to flip them with a slotted spoon to get both sides). Monitor the oil temperature carefully.

Once the donuts are fried, lay them out on a paper bag to drain. You can either shake these in a bag with some granulated sugar or you can prepare and easy glaze by boiling a cup of water with a cup of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla until somewhat thickened. Coat each donut in this glaze. Best thing ever.


K said...

I can't believe there isn't a single comment on this page! (Two years later even.) I'm definitely going to try this recipe. :D I love raised donuts!

Megan said...

Excuse my donut dumbness, but are these baked at all?

LaurenOrder said...

They're fried (see instructions). If they were baked I think they'd come out more like a sweet bun or a roll (which would also probably be tasty, but they wouldn't be donuts then).

Shawn Foster said...

just here to steal recipes. i hope i can make these right

Anonymous said...

This sounds absolutely gorgeous :) would it be possible to make it with a glutenfree flour mix?

LaurenOrder said...

Hm, you know I've never tried making them gluten free, but part of the fun of baking is experimenting. I'd give it a shot and see how it works! Let me know :-)

Courtney montgomery said...

Hi awesome recipe i am so happy to have found it i have been looking for a raised cruller recipe forever! I was wondering if i can swap out the vegan ings for traditional ones.thanks i can't wait to try it out.

big_buddha said...

Thank you for sharing your recipe with us. I accidently hurt my mom's feelings tonight. I am hoping to make it up to her by making her favourite donut. This recipe might turn her on to vegan baking. Mom likes to try new recipes. We ate a couple recipes. Mom likes to help me out, so why not look for a recipe for her?


Big Buddha.

Larissa T. said...

Yum! Tried it but baked it, and yes it did end up being more of a sweet bread, but so soft! So yummy! Thanks for the recipe.

Jon B said...

I made these today except I added more water and soy milk to the raised dough while mixing. You want the dough to be soft and fluffy, not like a pie crust consistency. I diced my own granny Smith apples simmered in blue agave syrup with water, dried cranberries and cinnamon sticks to make apple-cranberry fritters. I used the leftover simmered sauce to glaze over the fritters. YUM!!!!